Alaska – Day Twenty-nine – Glacier View Park in Valdez, Alaska

Thursday, July 14 we did some laundry in town and then took a drive down the road from the park where we were staying. We could see a glacier from the turnoff into our campground, so Cindy wanted to drive down the road and see how close we could get to it. It turned out we could get closer than I thought.

At the end of the dirt road we came to the Glacier View Park. We saw several other RV’s and vehicles parked around a lake that formed from the melting of the glacier we could see above us up ahead. Folks were walking around and some were putting kayaks into the water to paddle out farther from the shore.

We just walked around the shoreline and across some small dry land masses to explore the area. I picked a small chunk of ice out of the water’s edge for Cindy and promised her it was hers for as long as it lasted.

Other than that, we took it pretty easy. I still wasn’t feeling 100% myself and we had to pack up and leave the next day to head up to Tok (pronounced “Toke”) for our return trip.

Thanks for following the Wandering Wetheringtons.

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