Alaska – Days Twenty-three to Twenty-five – Seward and Palmer, Alaska

Friday, July 8, 2022 we took Bella for a walk on part of the Kenai Lake lakeshore and she was just giddy with joy, jumping over fallen logs and racing around as far as her leash would allow.

We thought we would go back to Seward and walk along the shore of the bay and harbor in the hopes of seeing some Sea Otters or Bald Eagles. But it started raining as we were driving there and got harder and harder as we got closer to Seward so we just turned around and went back to the campsite at Trail River Campground.

Saturday, July 9 we left to drive back to Palmer, Alaska for a two-day layover. I normally hate to backtrack over the same route I had already taken, but this was an exception since we were driving back around the scenic Turnagain Arm and Beluga Point. Unfortunately there was road repair work going on that kept us from getting to the Point but we waved at the (supposed) whales as we went by.

We had booked two nights at a different RV park in Palmer in preparation for driving over to Valdez. After we got Nomad backed into our spot, Cindy noticed that a rock had hit our front (bedroom) window. Thankfully it did not penetrate the glass and it hadn’t spread, but obviously we’re not happy about that.

Sunday, July 10, 2022 we were going to take Bella back to the Dog Wash but it was still malfunctioning so she lucked out again. But I’m about ready to take her out to a lake or river and bathe her just to alleviate her “doggy smell” in the RV and car, lol.

NOTE: As most of you know, these posts run a few days to a week behind our actual travels. We have begun our trip back through Canada on our way to the lower 48 for the next 12-14 days. Since we’re not sure of Internet connectivity there may be days where I am not able to get a post uploaded, but as soon as we do I’ll be getting posts up and we appreciate you following our travels across the U.S. and Canada.

Next up: Valdez, Alaska.

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