Alaska – Late Day Three, Four and Five- Fairbanks, Alaska

We left The Santa Claus House in North Pole, Alaska on Saturday afternoon, June 18, 2022 around 12:30pm, stopped for some lunch and then headed to Fairbanks, Alaska (about 15 miles away) where we would be camping out for 6 nights at the Tanana Valley Campground. Check-in time was 3pm, but we arrived around 1:45pm and discovered they were indeed serious about the check-in time, turning us away and telling us to return after 3pm.

We drove to get groceries for the week and returned around 3:30pm. They upgraded us to a site with 50 amps of power instead of 30, but the shore power pole was on the opposite side of where most RVs have there power input and my power cord was about 3 feet too short to make the connection.

Fortunately, I had bought a 50 amp extension cord that we had been carrying around for the past 6 months for just this type of situation, so I dug that out of storage and we were good to go on that front. The site was fairly level and surrounded by trees, but to Cindy’s dismay there was not enough room to put up the outdoor screen room which was disappointing since we would be here long enough to enjoy it. And, of course, the mosquitos are still attacking relentlessly in swarms large enough to drain you of blood in a few minutes. We are constantly deploying coils and Thermacell devices around the door to Nomad while simultaneously dousing ourselves in mosquito spray.

The rest of Saturday night, all day Sunday and all day Monday were basically down days for us. We had intended to attend the Midnight Sun Festival when we thought it would take place on the first day of Summer, Tuesday, June 21st, but we found out after we were set up Saturday that it was happening RIGHT THEN in downtown Fairbanks and we were both too tired to get up and go.

Then, Sunday and Monday Cindy was down with a cold that sapped her of all her energy, so those days were spent with her resting and recuperating. I did get to enjoy a video call with my daughter for Father’s Day, as well as a video call with Amber and Abby for Father’s Day, so I was happy.

Next up: The Antler Academy!

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