New Tongue Jack and a Night at Summer’s Gold Farm

After an evening in the Grande Prairie Walmart parking lot we awoke Thursday morning, July 21, 2022, ate breakfast and made sure we were at McGovern’s RV and Marine by 9am to get our broken (yes, the one I broke) tongue jack replaced.

This was a great place with an awesome staff, booth in the front showroom and the back bays. We picked the model we wanted, which was a little different but had two features going for it that I couldn’t resist. First, the switch was UNDER the top section so the tailgate can’t hit it if I mess up again and second, it has a back-up feature so that if the Nomad coach batteries go dead for some reason I can plug the adapter into the 7-way plug on Voyager and it will still work to raise or lower the tongue.

In addition, we picked up some things we wanted/needed in their store including a DIY Shaded Window Kit for the front door. I’ll be putting up a post showing how we installed that and whether we like it or not.

The tech got the new tongue jack installed fairly quickly and we were back on the road.

After five nights of sleeping on the side of the road in pull-outs or rest areas, we were ready to find something a little quieter and so we had reserved a Harvest Host stop for the night at a delightful family farm called Summer’s Gold Farm. Our hostess Gloria was SO nice and accommodating, allowing us to pick from several spots to park and set-up and then taking us out to the strawberry field to let us pick our own strawberries. Let me tell you, I haven’t picked strawberries since I was a kid and my back and legs were not ready for it on this day. But we both stuck it out and picked a nice basket full to enjoy. Cindy used some of them with our breakfast the next morning and we’ve used the others for strawberry smoothies in the days since.

We got to know one of the farm cats very well. He was a very friendly fellow and was constantly walking over to say “Meow!” I know it made me miss Tigger, who is back in Orlando with Amber and Abby, and I think Cindy felt the same way.

Bella enjoyed her walks while we were there, but she always does love exploring new places. We were saddened to learn this would be the final year, after 21 years of operation, that the farm would be open. Gloria and her husband Arlin are ready to step onto a new path. I’m glad we got to experience and enjoy the farm before it closes.

The night was super-quiet and restful and we left (after each getting a delicious strawberry shake that Gloria made for us) feeling so refreshed and happy. Which was good because we didn’t know it yet but Friday would be one of our worst travel days so far.

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