Alaska – Day Twenty-one – Driving to Moose Pass, Alaska

Wednesday, July 6, 2022 we left Palmer, Alaska around 10:30am for a 3 hour/145 mile trip to our next stop; the Trail River Campground (part of the Chugach National Park) in Moose Pass, Alaska .

This is a very scenic drive as a great deal of it takes place around the Turnagain Arm, a waterway off the Cook Inlet near Anchorage that features dramatic mountain vistas on its north shore and a popular stopping point known as Beluga Point. As you might guess, Beluga Point is an area where Beluga Whales congregate in the waterway. Unfortunately for us, they usually do so starting in late July. But we stopped anyway and spent a few minutes looking (and Cindy got to try out her new monocular “in the wild”) just in case some might have showed up early. Sadly, they didn’t.

Still, we took our time driving and stopped for photos at several places along the way. The views are just so beautiful to see that it’s difficult to simply pass them by without getting a photo…or ten!

The Trail River Campground is a very nice campground with spacious sites, lots of tree and bush real estate between sites, and even the pull-through sites like the one we got (Site 49) have a nice stand of bushes and trees between the site and the campground road to give you a real sense of privacy.

The only drawbacks were the weather, which was cool and rainy (Come on, it’s July already!), and no internet connectivity. But we’re only here for three nights and pretty sure we’ll get cell signals when we drive further down to Seward.

Thanks for following the Wandering Wetheringtons.

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