Alaska – Day Two- Delta Junction, Alaska

We left Tok, Alaska on Friday morning, June 17, 2022 for a short drive of 107 miles to Delta Junction, Alaska, the terminus of the Alaska Highway, aka the Alaska-Canadian Highway or AlCan Highway, ending our drive from the Mile 0 Post a scenic 1,422 miles later. We toyed with the idea of driving further to get to Fairbanks, Alaska a day early but since we knew we had to stop in Delta Junction anyway we decided to stick with the plan.

Upon our arrival we stopped first at the Delta Junction Visitor Center first so we could get our “Certificate of Completion” for driving the entire length of the Alaska Highway. We also picked a small wall decoration to hang in Nomad that echoed the same sentiment. Outside the Visitor Center they have a marker signifying the end of the Alaska Highway, similar to the Mile 0 Post back in Dawson Creek, BC. We made sure to get our pictures in front of that, and of the giant mosquito statues they have.

It is amazing, the size and number of mosquitos, that are in Canada and Alaska (especially Alaska!). The temperatures are still in the 40’s to 60’s, so you would think the little buggers would not find the environment conducive, but they do! We found out from the lady at the Visitor Center that Alaskan mosquitos typically have three “hatchings” in a season and that they start out huge in the first hatching, drop down in size to medium during the second hatching and then drop down to smaller sizes during the third hatching. She said they are currently in their second hatching stage. At least they’ll be getting smaller and not larger!

We had reserved one night at the Delta State Recreation Campground so we headed over there after the Visitor Center and picked a site (first come-first served) and got set up minimally…meaning we didn’t disconnect from the truck and only opened the kitchen slide. About an hour after we arrived there was an honest to goodness hail storm with pea-sized hail slamming into Nomad’s roof, so of course that was upsetting to Bella who thinks when acorns (and now hail) hits the rood that it means something is trying to get in. Or that we’re all going to die, not sure which since she can’t say.

We had a restful night and are looking forward to Fairbanks, Alaska where we’ll be spending six nights and have a little time to explore as resting and relaxing.

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