Cochiti Lake Campground – Santa Fe, New Mexico (Part One) – April 15 – 27, 2023

We left Santa Rosa Campground late Saturday morning, April 15, 2023 and drove roughly 2 hours to Cochiti Lake Campground, about 28 miles west of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

But first we stopped in Santa Fe to pick up a couple of things waiting for us in an Amazon locker. Sometimes when you’re traveling, you just can’t find what you’re looking for in a local sticks and bricks store. That is when ordering what you want from Amazon and making use of their locker system is extremely helpful. Since we know where we’re going we search to see if they have Amazon locker service available. If they do we order what we want and have it waiting for us when we drive through to our destination or arrive at our destination, depending on the locker location.

We had been watching some of our Star Trek movies on DVD and decided we wanted to watch the Star Trek Deep Space Nine series. When it first aired back in the 90’s I lost interest in it after a couple of seasons for a variety of reasons. Cindy had never seen it at all. So we searched around various stores at our previous three or four stops but could never find anyone carrying it. While we were in Santa Rosa we decided to order the entire seven-season DVD set and have it delivered to an Amazon locker in Santa Fe.

While in Santa Fe we also stocked up on groceries and picked up a Domino’s pizza to have for dinner after we got Nomad set up at Cochiti Lake.

Cochiti Lake Campground was as we remembered it when we were there back in September of 2022. During that stay we picked out several sites we’d like to set up at on this visit so that we would have a more level site and a better view of the lake than we had on our previous visit. When Cindy made our reservations for this stay she was able to get our first choice, so we had a very level site and a nice view of the lake out our dining room window.

Once we got everything set up we relaxed and warmed up our pizza for dinner. What a disappointment! We always enjoy Domino’s pizza (it’s why we usually get it) but this was easily the worst tasting Domino’s pizza we’ve ever had.

Sunday morning we enjoyed a nice breakfast that Cindy made and then took Bella for a walk down to the section of lake nearest to our site. We stood up on the highest part of the bank and looked down on people fishing and kayaking below and across the lake. On the walk back we stopped and checked out the campground bathrooms/showers. It turned that none of the men’s or women’s showers had shower heads, just an open pipe coming out of the top of the wall. In one of the men’s showers some inventive soul had crimped a Bud Light beer can around the pipe and cut the bottom out of the can so the water would spray like a shower.

We were glad we had our own shower in Nomad.

When we got back to Nomad after our walk Cindy, always a proponent of instant gratification, wanted to start watching DS9 right away. So, of course, we did. I found I was enjoying it more than the first time I watched it and after several episodes Cindy was able to get into the story/characters and enjoy it as well.

Monday and Tuesday were more or less rinse/repeat days for us of hiking/walking around the lake and experiencing life aboard Deep Space Nine inside Nomad.

Join us in part two for our tour of Santa Fe with our friends Tim and Alan.

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