Four Mile Creek State Park – Niagara Falls (Part Two) – August 21 – 28, 2023

Wednesday, August 23rd we did some walking around Four Mile Creek Campground with Bella and then headed back to Niagara Falls in the afternoon. Dinner reservations in Canada for that evening were waiting for us and we did not want to miss this meal.

We found out that with our pass from Four Mile Creek State Park we could park Voyager for free at Niagara Falls State Park, so this time we drove ourselves instead of taking the shuttle.

I don’t know where the road taxes that people pay in New York State go, but I don’t think they go toward maintenance of their roads.

The Rainbow Bridge

We arrived, parked (for free, saved $10!) and then walked to the American side of the Rainbow Bridge. No, not THAT one!

With our passports safely tucked away in Cindy’s purse, we strolled over the bridge between America and Canada, stopping along the way to take photos of Niagara Falls from that perspective. Once we arrived on the Canadian side, we had to show our passports and explain to the border agent we were entering to have dinner that night at the Skylon Tower. Oh, and affirm that we were NOT carrying $10,000 or more on our persons.

As if!

Then we spent about an hour a half strolling around the Canadian side of the falls and taking photos of them from our northern neighbor’s side of the river. Lots and lots of people were doing the same and we heard/saw many different nationalities represented in the milling crowds. We stopped at a store to find Cindy a Canadian hot pad for her collection and both decided to use the restroom. Be sure to check out the accompanying photos to see the surprises we saw in our respective restrooms.

And then it started raining. Fortunately we had brought our raincoats.

To get to the Skylon Tower from where we were at you had to cross a busy highway (in the rain) and then walk about 150 feet up old, steep steps through a dark, tree-covered path. It really looked and felt like a mugger’s paradise.

Skylon Tower

The Skylon Tower opened in October of 1965 at a cost of $7 million and stands 775 feet above the Niagara River. The base consists of Niagara Falls Ontario’s largest indoor entertainment area with 12 specialty shops, a gaming center, food court and theater. The tower features three outside mounted “Yellow Bug” elevators (the first of their kind when the tower originally opened) and provide beautiful views as you ascend to the top of the tower during the 52 second ride.

Once inside the tower base they take your photo for some souvenir photos you can purchase at the end of the evening. We did a normal standing pose and then a few where we are supposed to look scared and excited with our arms flailing. And yes, of course, at the end of the evening there we bought them. Soon we’ll be too old to remember we were there so the photos will help remind us.

Then it was time for the outside elevator ride to the top and the dining area.

The top of Skylon Tower includes two dining room areas, the Buffet Dining Room and the Skylon Tower Revolving Dining Room, as well as the Observation Deck at the very top. The Revolving Dining Room seats. 276 people and makes one full revolution every hour, giving you a panoramic view of up to 80 miles on a clear day as you dine. Our dinner was in the Buffet Dining Room, so no revolving, but we were VERY fortunate to be seated on the side right above the falls.

The buffet was a massive variety of meats, vegetables, side dishes and desserts. All enjoyed while overlooking the American, Bridal Veil and Horseshoe Falls from over 700 feet above them. We loved it!

After dinner we took the stairs up to the Observation Deck and walked around its entirety, seeing miles and miles away all around us. Then it was time to take the outside elevators back down to the base and head back. It was dusk and mugger’s paradise looked worse than ever, but at least it was downhill, lol.

At the Canadian side of the border you have to pay $1 each, in quarters only, to pass through the turnstiles while they (no doubt) capture you on camera for their visual records. Fortunately Cindy already knew this and had quarters ready, but there are now change machines nearby for those who are not as prepared as my wife. We walked back across the Rainbow Bridge and then waited in a LONG line of fellow Americans who had also travelled over to the Canadian side by foot. Showed our passports to the border agent, answered the usual questions and we were on our way to the parking lot.

It was a nice day and a delightful evening. The meal was delicious, the view incomparable and the company was the best I could ask for!

When we arrived back at the campsite Cindy checked and we had walked 5 miles that day. As much as we enjoyed the day we were exhausted! Thursday we took the entire day to do nothing (except walk Bella) and recuperate, lol. I may or may not have napped a few times.

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