Faux Falls at Ken’s Lake Campground in Moab, Utah.

Ken’s Lake Campground in Moab, Utah May 22 – June 1, 2024 (Part Three)

Friday morning, May 24th, we slept in a bit, had breakfast and then took Bella and hiked 2 1/2 miles up to Faux Falls. Snakes are prevalent in the area, so we kept Bella on a tight leash and I constantly scanned the trail around and in front of us for any rambling reptiles.

Faux Falls

Faux Falls is a beautiful desert waterfall located just on the eastern edge of Ken’s Lake Campground. You can drive up to a trailhead to start closer to the falls, but we decided to simply hike up from our campsite. The waterfall is real, but it came by the name Faux Falls because the water that forms the fall is sourced from nearby Mill Creek through a diversion tunnel under a ridge. The water then flows over Faux Falls and down to Ken’s Lake. This man-made water storage project has been in existence for approximately 42 years.

There is a nice, shallow (only about 3 to 4 feet deep) pool at the base of the waterfall. You can safely wade out into the pool to enjoy the gently flowing water or step under the fall and be immersed by the water as it rains down into the pool. We didn’t do either but Bella took advantage of the cool, fresh water by taking a few sips as it flowed past the bank. We could have taken the long way back by following the water flow to Ken’s Lake itself, but opted instead to hike back down the way we came up. Two and a half miles doesn’t sound like much, but half of it was uphill and the sun was pretty brutal so these old folks took the shortest and easiest route.

On the way back down a small snake slithered in front of us across the path. It moved so quickly I couldn’t tell what kind of snake it was, but we made doubly sure to keep our eyes on the ground ahead of us as we finished the hike.


Saturday we drove to nearby Moab to do some shopping and grab some lunch. Moab is a very delightful little town with lots and lots of excellent dining choices and numerous little shops. At one of the souvenir shops I found a pair of boxer shorts I thought would be perfect for my brother. You can see a photo of them in the album.

Ken’s Lake Campground has no hookups and no dump station, but there are two businesses in Moab that have pay per dump stations. While we were in town we checked out each one to decide which would be best for us to use when it’s time to leave the following Saturday.

Sunday was a do-nothing day for us. The lake was filled with people, but surprisingly the campground itself was only about two-thirds full. This was the first clear night sky since we arrived. Of course we stayed up late to try to enjoy it, but it was hard to see with all the headlights of vehicles leaving the lake (WAY past the posted closing time of the lake parking lot) and those driving around the campground.

Monday was Memorial Day and with the rest of a grateful national we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

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  1. The video was great and then I turned up the volume thinking I’d hear the gentle sounds of water flowing only to be blown away by your musical abilities! I am truly impressed with how far your improvised keyboarding has come along! Luv the boxers, hope they are silk to prevent chafing.

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