Prune Creek Campground – Bighorn National Forest, Wyoming – June 30 to July 1, 2023

Friday, June 30, 2023 we left Custer State Park around 10:30am after dumping our black, gray and galley tanks and filling our fresh water tank. We drove about 246 miles to Prune Creek Campground in the Bighorn National Forest. The last 22 miles or so were up a steep, winding mountain road to get to an elevation of around 7.700 feet or so and we arrived around 4:30 pm.

The roads inside this campground were narrow; so narrow that I had to take it extra slow and careful around turns to make sure I didn’t clip any extended tree branches, or worse, tree trunks. Thankfully we didn’t scratch anything up.

We were only here for one night so we didn’t bother unhitching. We just leveled it side to side and front to back so we could extend the kitchen slide-out and get the refrigerator running on propane. We left the living room slide-out in for the night.

After we were set up we took Bella for a walk around the campground. Saw Prune Creek running around and even under the campground, as well as the South Fork Tongue River flowing at the edge of the campground.

AT&T phones and our Verizon and T-Mobile hotspots were all dead. No connection from any of them. We have found that to be pretty normal in National Forests and many times in National Parks. Cindy read her ebook most of the late afternoon and night, but while it was still light I read my “The American Way” dead tree book I got at the Superman Celebration. After it got dark I switched to my e-reader and caught up on some writing and science fiction magazines, as well as the latest issues of Mother Jones and Wired that I had downloaded before we left Custer State Park.

Saturday morning, July 1st, Cindy was up earlier than yours truly (as usual) and thought she saw a horse walking by our site. Then she did a double-take when she realized it was a bull moose! It was the first “daddy moose”, as she calls them, we had seen in all our traveling. We didn’t even see any bull moose when we were in Alaska and Denali. Unfortunately she was so entranced and he was walking so quickly that she didn’t get a chance to photograph him before he was out of sight. But it made her day, and maybe even her week.

We had breakfast, pulled our slide-out in and hit the road around 8:00 am for our next stop over in Montana.

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