Santa Rosa Lake Campground – Santa Rosa, New Mexico – April 8 – 15, 2023

After leaving the gravesite of Billy the Kid and the Bosque Redondo Memorial in Fort Sumner, New Mexico we drove the remaining 45 miles to our next campsite at the Santa Rosa Lake Campground in Santa Rosa, New Mexico for a 7-night stay.

This was a stop where we really had nothing planned except for hiking around and relaxing because we knew we had a busy 12-day stay upcoming in Santa Fe, New Mexico beginning the following week.

Sunday April 9th was Easter Sunday so while we were still in Coleman, Texas the previous week I secretly picked up some Easter basket goodies for Cindy and hid them for several days (not easy to do in an RV, left me tell you) to surprise her with when she woke up Easter morning. I don’t really pay attention to or observe this this holiday especially now that the kids are grown and we’re not around the grandkids during this time of year. Accordingly, there was one time I neglected to get her a basket of goodies and, suffice it to say, THAT won’t happen again, lol!

We only drove into town once during our stay and that was on Wednesday, April 12, 2023 to visit the Route 66 Auto Museum. The museum houses dozens of historic old vehicles, some restored, some not. Some of them are also for sale if you wish to drop 60 to 80 grand. I find old cars interesting but not THAT interesting. There are also old garage, gas station, and car dealer signs and memorabilia. They had a non-restored model of my first car, a ’67 VW Beetle, and a restored version of my second car, a ’65 Ford Mustang, so those were especially fun to see.

When you look through the photos for this post, take a good look at the redesigned Edsel parked outside the museum and the writing on its after-factory add-on. I laughed out loud when I saw it and knew I had to get a photo of it.

The rest of our time was spent reading, writing and walking/hiking around the Santa Rosa Lake and its surrounding countryside and dam with Bella, the Wonder Dog. We’re fortunate that she loves exploring as much as we do.

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