Sloway Campground in Lolo National Forest and Country Lane RV Park – St. Regis, Montana and Wilbur, WA – July 6 – 8, 2023

On Thursday, July 6, 2023 we left Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park and drove 225 miles to Sloway Campground in the Lolo National Forest, St. Regis, Montana for a one-nighter. It was a drive full of scenic beauty. But the best looking scenery (for Cindy) was a series of billboards advertising a place that sold Huckleberry shakes just one exit past the one we needed to take. So, of course, I drove past ours (it was only a couple of miles extra) so she could have her shake.

We parked across the street in a larger parking lot for RVs and walked across to get her a Huckleberry and me a Strawberry shake. When we walked back across, an idiot Busch Light beer delivery driver had parked his truck right in front of us, blocking us in. This in spite of having a whole rest of the parking lot to park in. I was pissed off, almost as if I had drank one of their piss-water beers, and wanted to go chew the guy out but Cindy calmed me down and suggested we just enjoy our shakes until the moron finished his delivery and left. She keeps me out of a lot of trouble.

Our site at Sloway was asphalt, pretty level and long enough for us to be able to back in without unhooking. It sat on the edge of the Clark Fork River, a branch of the Columbia River. We walked down to the bank and a prairie dog popped his head out and back into a hole not far from the edge, so Cindy was thrilled with the spot. We had a quiet night there and the next morning while walking Bella we had another fun moment when we saw a wild rabbit. Surprisingly, it let Cindy get quite close for her photos before it finally muttered, “Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!” And hopped off into the brush.

We left Sloway around 8:00 am on Friday, July 7th and drove 197 miles to the Country Lane RV Park in Wilbur, Washington for another one night stay. Cindy and I kept doing Mister Ed impersonations (“Willlllllbuuuurrrrr”) all the way there. It’s fun to be with someone you can be silly with and they’re silly back. We drove through the panhandle of Idaho, which is only about 70 miles across between Montana and Washington. The scenery, again, was absolutely stunning.

We got to Wilbur around 11:15 am and could not check in until noon, so we stopped at Billy Burger for an early (for us) lunch to eat some food and time. Their biggest drawing point was a parking lot large enough for our truck/trailer. As it turned out, it certainly wasn’t the food, lol!

We don’t usually stay at RV parks but, as my dad used to say, the pickin’s were slim for finding a COE, State or National Park in this area that had hookups we needed at that point. And it wasn’t a great place but it wasn’t a bad place either. Our site was gravel, but very level. We stayed here because we needed electric and water, but we got a bonus when they gave us a site with sewer as well at no extra charge. This gave us a chance to dump our tanks, flush the black and fill the fresh right there at our site the next morning, which is more convenient than using the dump site.

Oh, and take a look at the photos accompanying this post to see what we saw on and in the tree at our site.

Another quiet, restful night which we appreciated. We’ll actually be staying at this place again in a couple of weeks when we retrace our route heading back east.

Up next…Grandkids!

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