Alaska – Day Twenty-six- Driving to Valdez, Alaska

Monday, July 11, 2022, we left Palmer, Alaska to drive 257 miles over to Valdez, Alaska. This drive was supposed to take about 4 1/2 hours but between the drive through the mountains being a “slow go”, the weather (cold, rainy and foggy in many places) and the construction along the way it ended up taking about 7 hours. But the scenery during the drive was just breathtaking.

We got to drive past the Worthington Glacier. I’m sure they MEANT to name it Wetherington Glacier and just got it mixed up. It happens all the time with my name.

The park we had reservations with was a mess from the beginning. No one was on duty to check us in or tell us where we could find the potable water to fill our fresh water tank. After driving all over the place…twice… we finally located it behind a building and filled out tank and then went to our site and setup Nomad. The entire 5 days we were there the office remained locked and unmanned. Campers came and went to their various sites but no one ever showed up to check people in or out.

But on the plus side we liked our site (except for the killer hordes of mosquitos), it was mostly quiet and very close to our main reason for visiting Valdez; the harbor/marina where we would take our Glacier/Orca/Wildlife Cruise.

NOTE: As most of you know, these posts run a few days to a week behind our actual travels. We have begun our trip back through Canada on our way to the lower 48 for the next 12-14 days. Since we’re not sure of Internet connectivity there may be days where I am not able to get a post uploaded, but as soon as we do I’ll be getting posts up and we appreciate you following our travels across the U.S. and Canada.

Next up: the 8 hour Glacier/Orca/Wildlife Cruise.

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