Highland Ridge Campground – Valley Springs, Wisconsin – August 11 – 16

After our wonderful visit with Cindy’s cousins in Minnesota, we left Gull Lake Recreational Area on Friday, August 11th a few minutes after 9 am for a 3 1/2 hour drive to Highland Ridge Campground in Valley Springs, Wisconsin.

We stopped at the fill station at the front of the campground to top off our fresh water tank. There was another couple there getting water who were also from Florida near the Ocala area. Or so they said. When I mentioned my parents had lived in Dunnellon he did not seem to recognize the name. After further thought on the matter I have concluded they were spies with an incomplete cover story.

Or just newbie Floridians who don’t know where places are yet.

The weather forecast (always reliable) said it would be raining when we arrived, but fortunately for us it wasn’t. We finished setting up around 2:30 pm and by 5:30 pm the thunderstorms finally started. As you can see from the photos, our site (and most of the other sites, as well) was surrounded by 40 to 50-foot tall trees with their abundant leaf cover. Sunlight has a hard time filtering through to the ground on a sunny day. On a rainy one like this it was like being in a cave made of tree trunks.

We had a light dinner of salad with grilled chicken. It was our first taste of cucumbers from Chelsey and Nate’s garden and they were delicious!

Saturday morning we took Bella for a walk around the campground. Then I spent the rest of the day glued to my iPad screen taking part in a writing seminar put on by Medium while Cindy occupied herself by doing her crafts and watching a couple of her streaming shows. We had hoped that night to see the Perseid meteor shower. However, even though our campground was dark enough with no ambient light, the towering trees that surrounded us meant no view of the sky. That’s OK, the trees are beautiful in and of themselves.

Sunday we drove about 4 miles to the Cady Cheese Factory. We were disappointed to hear that they no longer do tours of the factory because we had thought that would be very interesting. BUT, we did get lots of cheese (Gruyere, Gouda and others), some wine and Cindy got a cone of Olson Ice Cream (Black Raspberry) which she loved.

That night and all day Monday until about 5 pm it was continuously raining. It was dreary, dark and wet outside, so all we did was stay inside Nomad. No walking around the trails, no fire pit, no sitting in the screen room. Just listening to raindrops plunking on the roof while we read books or watched TV.

Tuesday the 15th, I emptied the bed of Voyager to get our seasonal clothing tubs out of the far back of the bed and then Cindy and I spent a couple of hours pulling out warmer clothing and packing away our Spring/Summer duds. Afterward I re-packed the truck bed and then relaxed the remainder of the day.

Wednesday morning we packed everything up and left late in the morning for Cracker Barrel so we would arrive in time for dinner. 🙂

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