Kanaskat-Palmer State Park, Washington July 15 – 22, 2023

On Saturday, July 15, 2023 we left Tolt-MacDonald Campground in Carnation (near Redmond) and drove 33 miles south to Kanaskat-Palmer State Park. We also stayed here last year when we visited the kids/grandkids. Cindy has looked and looked but these are the two closest campgrounds to Redmond that are the most economical for us. We like them both, but Kanaskat-Palmer takes us farther away from the family.

We were also supposed to have Maxwell starting this date but his soccer team was playing in a tournament so he needed to be in Redmond for games Saturday and Sunday. That meant that we had Jade for an extra couple of days, so we were happy. Last year Jade was busy with a stage performance and Maxwell got a couple of extra days with us so it worked out…a year apart, lol.

For dinner we took Jade to her favorite pizza place, MOD pizza in nearby Maple Valley, followed by dessert at Dairy Queen right across the parking lot.

Sunday we drove back up to Redmond to watch Maxwell play in another tournament game. Although he and his team played a good, tough game, they were defeated and that finished up their time in the tournament. The bright side, for us, was that he could come back with us to Kanaskat-Palmer for the remainder of our stay.

Jeremy and Wendy took us all out to a delicious dinner at the Tipsy Cow Burger Bar in Redmond and then I suggested Cindy and I treat everyone to dessert at our favorite ice cream place in Redmond…Molly Moon’s!

Monday the 17th we hiked around Kanaskat-Palmer and over to the banks of the Green River. Maxwell skipped rocks along the surface and posed on a big rock. Then he spent most of the rest of his day watching sone of granddad’s superhero DVD’s and reading.

Tuesday was another morning of hiking, this time on one of the longer trails. We were all worn out by the time we got back to Nomad, so everyone relaxed the rest of the day.

Wednesday the 19th we took another morning hike as well as Maxwell practicing his soccer moves in a clearing near our campsite and then we went for lunch at Maxwell’s favorite pizza place, MOD pizza in nearby. Maple Valley, followed by dessert at Dairy Queen. He wanted the same lunch/dessert combo as his sister had gotten a few days earlier, lol. We had no problem with that because we like MOD pizza as well, and who can “No” to a blizzard?

We also stopped by the local T-Mobile office. When we were here a year ago we got our T-Mobile hotspot and have used it a lot; many months up to our 100 GB for $50.00 limit. We also have a Verizon Hotspot with a 150GB limit. Between those two and our AT&T phones we usually have SOME kind of connectivity at most places. Though if you’ve read our previous blogs you know that sometimes we can’t get any of them to connect because there are just no nearby towers to work off of.

T-Mobile had introduced T-mobile Home which is a more powerful “hotspot” with unlimited usage for the same $50.00. We felt like we HAD to try it out. The guy on duty told us we had 15 days to try it and if we didn’t like it we could just bring it back and keep using our older hotspot, but he thought we would love it. Spoiler Alert – He was right. We got an even better signal at Kanaskat-Palmer than we had with our old hotspot and NO throttling. We ended up turning in our older hotspot a couple of days later.

(Note: We’ve been using for almost a month now and even if the signal is “poor” we get good speeds. With no throttling we’ve been able to stream a LOT of shows and since it’s unlimited we were able to move our Verizon back to 100 GB, saving us some money over there.)

After our stop at T-mobile we took Maxwell to See the new Indiana Jones movie and then had dinner at Burger King.

Thursday the 20th we hiked again in the morning (got to keep Maxwell in shape, lol) and rested in the afternoon. For dinner I made pancakes and bacon on the Blackstone griddle. It was yummy, if i do say so myself!. Oh, and after eating them Maxwell “Those are your specialty!” So I guess they WERE yummy!

On Friday Jeremy, Wendy and Jade came down to the campsite for a last meal together before we headed down the road the next morning. It’s always hard saying “Goodbye” but we have plans to be back here next August for another two-week visit.

The only thing better than the traveling we get to do is the opportunities we have to see our grandchildren…OK and our children!

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