Mahlon Dickerson Reservation – Jefferson Township, New Jersey – September 24 – 26, 2023

After grabbing some more baked apple goodies from March Farm in Bethlehem, Connecticut we left around 11 am for a three hour drive to the Mahlon Dickerson Reservation in Jefferson Township, New Jersey for a two-night stay. We’re beginning to see more of the Fall colors we wanted to see on this trip, but not as much as we thought we would. We seem to be a little early and Cindy thinks we’ll really see the colors once we get to North Carolina.

We drove through more wind and rain from the outer bands of Hurricane Ophelia. But we lucked out upon arrival at our campsite when there was a break in the weather that let us set up without getting soaked. Our large slide-out STILL won’t extend (not that I expected it to) and I’ll keep trying to find a mobile tech along our route that can replace the motor.

It rained again from late afternoon and throughout the night. Being cramped in the RV and stuck inside makes everyone a little crankier than usual, and that includes Bella, lol.

On Monday it rained the entire day! Cindy was suffering from severe cabin fever so when I left to go fuel up Voyager I took her with me so we could go out to lunch. We chose the Jefferson Classic Diner which was nearby. It reminded us both of Angel’s Diners that used to be in Central Florida. We used to go there quite a bit when we first met. Like Angel’s, Jefferson Classic DIner offered large portions of tasty food at reasonable prices. We had an excellent server and the time out and away from Nomad helped Cindy not feel so claustrophobic.

And in the area of more good news, I heard from a mobile tech in Elverson, PA (our next stop) who is certified and has experience in repairing slide-outs. He will be able to come out and look at ours when we’re there later this week on Thursday. Keeping our fingers crossed that we can get this fixed and quickly.

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