Alaska – Days Seventeen to Twenty – Palmer, Alaska

Our 5 nights at Palmer were pretty boring, which was fine after the go-go-go of our week at Denali National Park.

Saturday was my birthday and was what I wanted; a day of quiet and rest. I was happy to get phone calls from the kids and grandkids, and text messages from friends and those on Facebook. The rest of the day was spent reading and writing.

We did run a few errands the other days. We needed to get a monocular for Cindy to use when we go on our upcoming orca and glacier boat cruise. She finds the single lens easier to use than binoculars. We went to a couple of places in nearby Wasilla and finally found one she liked at Sportsman’s Warehouse.

Speaking of Wasilla, I tried to find Sarah Palin’s house so I could see Russia, but had no luck.

For any trolls out there, I am well aware that the line about seeing Russia from my house was from a SNL skit and that Ms. Palin never actually said those words. What she actually said was, “They’re our next-door neighbors, and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska” which is very true.

But the SNL line is much funnier and worked in well since we were in Palmer, which is only 10 miles from Wasilla.

Finally, Cindy and I had been saying that Bella needed a bath as she was starting to smell “doggy” in the RV. We actually found a place next to a car wash that advertised itself as a Dog Wash. You walk into a room that has this huge bathtub-like device (the K9000), lower your dog into it, pay your money ($12.50) and you have 12 minutes to wash, rinse, apply flea and tick spray, condition rinse and dry your canine family member. Unfortunately, the machines in both rooms were not working, Lucky for Bella.

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