Alaska – Early Day Three- North Pole, Alaska

We left Delta Junction, Alaska on Saturday morning, June 18, 2022 for another short drive of 80 miles to North Pole, Alaska, the legendary home of Santa Claus! When we started planning this trip to Alaska last year, Cindy was SO excited to see that, on our way to Fairbanks, Alaska we would be driving through the North Pole! If you know Cindy you know how much she loves Christmas and Santa Claus and Reindeer and Mrs. Claus and…well everything about the holiday observation. The town of North Pole is only 15 miles east of Fairbanks, so it was a no-brainer that we would be spending a few hours visiting the famous Santa Claus House in the North Pole on the way to Fairbanks.

Of course, in addition to the Elves’ Workshop and a place to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus, the Santa House is the retail outlet for almost every imaginable Christmas-related piece of merchandise you could imagine. We started out picking up a couple of matching North Pole T-shirts, then Cindy found a new tea mug she HAD to have and a new Christas tree ornament. We also picked out some North Pole postcards for the grandkids and had them mailed from there so they would have a North Pole postmark on them.

But the highlight of our long trek through the Santa Claus house was when I pointed out to Cindy that Santa himself and Mrs. Claus were over in a secluded part of the kids’ section and Santa was posing for photos and videos. You would not believe how my baby just lit up when she saw them! We watched as people sat next to him and Santa delivered a video message that Mrs. Claus recorded on their own phone! I thought, “Well, that’s got to cost a pretty penny” but it turns out it was all for a monetary donation of your choice.

Cindy, of course, wanted to do it and I said “Fine, you go ahead” ’cause I’m kinda shy but she was insistent that we had to do it together. We gave Mrs. Claus Cindy’s phone and Santa a list of our 5 grandchildren’s names and he proceeded to cut a promo (pro wrestling slang) tailored to them and us. It was pretty amazing and all I was doing was standing there looking like a doofus.

All in all in was a great experience visiting the Santa Claus House at the North Pole, Alaska and I’m so glad we did it because it made Cindy SO happy!

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